About 24FPS Reviews

24FPS (Frames Per Second) Reviews is a Film blog where you can read reviews for all the latest cinema and DVD releases, as well as much-loved classics and those “so bad they’re good” films that have since gained cult followings.

So who is behind 24FPS Reviews?

My name is Francesca and one of my true joys in life is watching films. I always try to keep up with all latest releases and dig up a few forgotten gems as well.

Favourite film genres

    • Comedies – 80’s Teen, Unconventional Rom-Coms, Indie Dramedies, Mockumentaries/Spoofs, Black Comedy etc.


    • Dramas – True Story/Biopics.


    • Horror – Cult horror/B-movies, Horror Comedy, Zombie, some Body Horror flicks (protagonists going through transformations, think The Fly and An American Werewolf in London).


  • Musicals – Although not a huge fan of ones that use existing songs from various artists.

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